“It was a learning experience and very beneficial because you were addressing three different student paintings all with different subjects. While I have my personal favorites of subjects, I am pulled out of my comfort zone and while learning & painting new subjects, find that I have become interested in them. Still life, mountains, trees, buildings... all things that I avoided previously, I no longer hesitate for fear that I cannot tackle painting them effectively.”

“You stimulate curiosity, motivate and instruct patiently. You are the reason I am seriously painting again and having fun doing it. If I never do more than paint for pleasure, you have opened doors for me to be better and more versatile.” - E. Schneider

“I have learned so much about color, design and art theory during the time I have attended your class. You are a perceptive, knowledgeable instructor with many ideas for helping students grow.” - P. Lamm

“Sharing your knowledge and experiences about aspects of painting figures, landscapes, portraits, mixing colors was outstanding in this class. I loved seeing your demonstrations and finished products. I feel very grateful to have had you as a teacher. You are the greatest!” - S. Peterson

“I just wanted to thank you for your time we spent together. I thought my painting days were over, but you renewed my creativity in a whole new way. I felt inspired and motivated.” - M. McGoldruk