About the Artist

Joe Kanoza is a commissioned Portrait Artist, well known for his vibrant portraits. He has painted hundreds of portraits of celebrities, corporate executives, families, and individuals. He has been featured on the covers of sports magazines, U.S. Open covers, The Wall Street Journal, annual reports, and national advertisements. Joe is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.

As a Landscape Artist, Joe was selected by Golf Digest as one of the top 15 golf course artists in the country. He has created spectacular paintings of some of the most prestigious courses, including Pebble Beach, Augusta, and Oakmont. He is one of the few licensed artists for Pebble Beach.

Joe is a Commercial Illustrator with over 40 years in the art business. He has created artwork worldwide, promoting brand identity through logo design and illustrations for advertisements, commercials, books, and catalogs. Some of his most memorable work was created for The Wall Street Journal, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Dick’s Sporting Goods, U.S. Steel, IBEW, McDonalds, and Burger King. Additionally, Joe has illustrated several children's books.

Joe is a talented Art Instructor with teaching experience in oil, watercolor, acrylics, and pastels. He has taught at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh and the Manatee Art Center in Florida. His work has been featured in galleries in New York, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Joe currently lives in Florida where he creates beautiful commissioned artwork and teaches classes in his studio. He conducts workshops and demos for art students. His technical knowledge, drawing ability, color sense, and ability to achieve three dimensions on a single dimension surface help students achieve a more professional painting. Students learn to see things differently, and to paint faster as he is able to help them simplify complicated elements and use new, more effective brush techniques.

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